English for Specific Purposes, these clients are studying English for Tourism & Hospitality and IELTS exam preparation.

How this will affect our clients, teachers and the type of courses we can run is the main question that the management has been addressing during the U.K. lockdown.

Maintaining and indeed enhancing the quality of ECS Scotland’s English language courses is one of our main priorities. Therefore, during the time when there are restrictions on international travel and strict social distancing is in place, we have decided to focus on transferring our specialist courses online.

All our online courses include a pre-course needs analysis and 20-minute conversation with your teacher about your specific needs, requests and course requirements.

Currently the following courses are available as live one-to-one classes:

Our well-qualified and experienced teachers already have the necessary skills to continue to provide relevant and engaging lessons as they have successfully done in the physical classroom.

These live online classes will allow clients to fine-tune speaking and listening skills and receive individualised practice and feedback on pronunciation, fluency and errors. In other words, to successfully communicate in English. At the same time, the classes will address the varying needs of each client and will be supported by learning materials which extend and enrich the online experience.

We are bringing in these changes to the delivery of our courses to ensure we continue to offer clients the benefits of our expertise in specialised English courses on a one-to-one basis.

As a Quality English school, our online courses adhere to the Quality English Online Course Standards so our clients can be confident that our live online English courses are as well structured and efficient as our face-to-face in school courses.

Quality English Online Course Standards

Advantages of online English courses

Although we don't expect online English courses to take over from face-to-face classes in our school, here are a few advantages which we have found online courses to have in the short-term:

  • Lessons can be recorded and watched again
  • Students are relaxed in their own homes and are less self-conscious about making mistakes
  • Lessons are usually shorter so students remain focussed throughout
  • Error correction can be done in real-time via the chat box option

If you have any questions about our online courses, please get in touch.