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English for Tourism and Hospitality Services live online course

Live online English for Tourism and Hospitality Services courses are held as Individual Tuition (1-to-1) courses via Skype or Zoom. Develop your general and specific English language skills for working in tourist and hospitality services.

This course is suitable for travel consultants, tour managers, tour guides and rangers, hospitality and catering staff and a wide range of tourism related services.

Course Profile: English for Tourism and Hospitality Services live online course

Once you have booked your course, you will be sent a needs analysis form to complete with your topic and skills requests. Once we receive your needs analysis form and before your first class, you will have a 20 minute conversation with your teacher regarding your needs analysis form and course content.

Individual Tuition (1-to-1) classes are very adaptable to your specific needs. Topics and requested skills can be changed and added to throughout the course. Please feel free to discuss changes and extra requests with your teacher.

What to expect:

Focus on acquiring specific vocabulary for your area of work

  • common tourism and hospitality collocations
  • specific travel and hospitality terminology

Focus on speaking skills in general and specific work contexts

  • social English
  • dealing with clients
  • discussing tourism and hospitality issues
  • asking for and giving information

Focus on enhancing your pronunciation

  • improve clarity and reducing accent

Focus on writing skills

  • review of general writing skills
  • writing emails, memos, itinerary documents
  • producing visitor information: brochures, leaflets, blog posts

Corrective feedback

  • throughout the course from your teacher

Course Level

Suitable for:

Intermediate B1Advanced C1

Course Summary

  • A block of 5, 10, 15, 20 live teacher contact hours (1 hour = 60 minutes)
  • 20-minute pre-course needs analysis review with your teacher
  • Directed self-study tasks in the form of readings, writings and speaking preparation
  • Experienced and qualified teacher of English
  • Course certificate and language report
  • Study times between 08.00 - 20.00 GMT, Monday to Saturday
  • Live language sessions held via Zoom or Skype, as preferred by the client
  • Minimum age 18

Course Outcomes

  • Speak and write more fluently and accurately in English
  • Use a wider range of appropriate tourism and hospitality vocabulary
  • Be more confident in work situations
  • Make progress in areas that you have particular difficulty with in English

Prices: English for Tourism and Hospitality Services live online course

Individual Tuition (1-to-1) Online Course
5 hours = 240 GBP
10 hours = 450 GBP
15 hours = 625 GBP
20 hours = 750 GBP

5 hours = 240 GBP

10 hours = 450 GBP

15 hours = 625 GBP

20 hours = 750 GBP

Price Includes

  • all teaching
  • 20 minute pre-course assessment and needs analysis
  • guided self-study throughout the course
  • end of course language report
  • certificate of attendance

A timetable for this option is not currently available.

Terms & Conditions for online classes

  • 1 hour = 60 minutes
  • Online teaching will take place via Zoom or Skype, as agreed with the client before the first class
  • Client must provide the completed needs analysis form at least 72 hours before the first class. Email the form to [email protected]
  • Classes to take place between 08.00 - 20.00 GMT, Monday to Saturday. Exact class times will be arranged at mutually suitable times for client and teacher
  • If it is necessary to change the arranged class times, the client and teacher can negotiate mutually suitable days and times for classes. Changes can be made as necessary, provided both parties are aware of and agree to the change in advance
  • Classes cancelled by the client 23 hours or less before the class start time will be charged at the full rate and will not be recuperated
  • Classes cancelled by the client 24 hours or more before the class start time can be postponed to another mutually suitable day within 14 days of the original class
  • In case of absence, the teacher will be substituted by an equally qualified colleague and the client notified in advance. The option to postpone the class will also be given
  • Correction or proof-reading of a dissertation, thesis or academic paper will incur an extra cost. Please contact us to discuss these requirements

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