"I have little time to study English."

Examples with the meaning 'not many/much':

  • Bob had little time to see his friends.
  • Polly has little money to spend on books.
  • Paul had few moments alone at work.
  • I had few friends growing up.

Example with the meaning 'some'/'a small number or amount':

  • I have a little time just now, let's go over your homework.
  • We have a little money, let's go out for dinner
  • The students had a few days to revise for the exam.
  • She spent a few minutes every morning doing yoga.

Listen to a few examples for more practice.

Now answer a few questions if you have a little time!

Is it 'few', 'a few', 'little' or 'a little'?

Jamie wasn't happy about the situation, but he had _______ choice.


_____ cities are as beautiful as Edinburgh.


Lindsay began to tell us ______ about her life in Scotland.

a little

Don't take all the chocolates Alex! Just take _____.

a few