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A collection of stories covering everything from English courses and accommodation to Edinburgh and beyond. If you’re looking for something specific use the category buttons to the right.

Recent articles — April 2013

Principal’s Post April 2013

Earth day Monday 22nd April is Earth Day: a time when many countries across the globe hold events to show their support for all kinds of environmental matters. More than one billion people take part in celebrating what a wonderful planet we live on.  This year’s theme…

Statue of John Muir

Pandas at Edinburgh zoo

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Is it possible to learn English conversation?

What exactly is conversation?  What does ‘learning English conversation’ involve?  Conversations are all around us from the moment we wake up in the morning to the moment we fall asleep. We interact with family and friends at home, we exchange ideas with colleagues at work, we…

Coffee breaks are taken together so you have even more opportunity to learn English conversation skills in an informal environment.

Small group courses allow you to practise English conversation skills. Learn to speak English through a variety of interesting topics.

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