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Falkland Palace and Real Tennis

Visit to Falkland Palace

Falkland Palace is located in the picturesque village of Falkland. The palace is now run by the National Trust for Scotland and is open to the public for about 8 months a year, entrance fees help to maintain the building. Volunteer guides are available throughout the property and are very happy to give a brief explanation and answer questions.

The palace was originally rebuilt by King James IV and V into a luxurious hunting lodge. When King James VI moved to London the palace fell into decline and after a fire started by Oliver Cromwell's men in the kitchens, the palace was left mainly in ruins. The Crichton- Stuart family took the palace over and slowly began to restore it. Part of Falkland Palace is in ruins but there is still plenty to see in the original and reconstructed rooms and chapel. The gardens are beautiful and you can even play a huge game of draughts!

One of the best things to see at Falkland Palace is the royal tennis court. The court was built for James V of Scotland in April 1539. It is now one of the oldest tennis courts in Britain. The court is different from a lawn tennis court in that it is bigger and has walls, the rules are also different.

Watch the video below about how to play and the history of real tennis, what differences do you notice.

Falkland Village

Falkland Palace gardens

Falkland Village

Students outside the Palace

real tennis at Fontainebleau with Anthony Scratchley

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