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Homestay accommodation in Edinburgh

Homestay accommodation

Homestay accommodation is a good choice if you want to spend as much time as possible speaking English outside the classroom.  You can share breakfast and have your evening meals with your hosts, this is an excellent opportunity to practise your English communication skills.  ECS Scotland arranges host family accommodation for students studying at the school. 

What is homestay accommodation? 

Homestay accommodation is when you stay in a local person's home and are 'hosted' by them. Hosts can be families with children, working or retired couples or single people. Host live in different types and sizes of flats or houses, all easily accesble to the town centre and school. ECS Scotland works together with a variety of hosts all over the Edinburgh area, they will make you feel as comfortable as possible in your new surroundings. We have personally visited each of our hosts and can guarantee they are of a suitable level of comfort and easily accessible from the school.

Homestay accommodation allows you to interact more with local people and gives you the opportunity to practise your spoken English in an informal situation outside of the classroom. You will learn more about the Scottish and British culture if you stay with a local rather than in a hotel or rented apartment.  Hosts will talk to you in their own accents and way of speaking, they are not English teachers and are not expected to help you with your homework or explain English grammar to you!

You will be provided with a private bedroom and use of the shared living area. Some hosts offer an en-suit or private bathrooms while others will provide you with use of the shared bathroom. Some hosts provide breakfast only and some offer half-board (breakfast every morning and 6 evening meals per week). 

When living in homestay accommodation you will be expected to be part of the household. Homestay accommodation is not like staying in a hotel, you will not be served by your hosts and they do not expect to have to tidy up after you. You should behave as you would expect a guest to in your own home.

For further information about homestay accommodation while studying at the school, see here


Other homestay options

If you wish to arrange your own homestay accommodation, there are several website which offer accommodation options in Edinburgh.  Please note that these websites are for information only and ECS Scotland is not responsible for any information or bookings via these sites.

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Hosts live in different parts of the city, all easily accessible to the centre of town and the school.

Hosts will welcome you in to their home and make you feel as comfortable as possible in your new surroundings.

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