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Museum of Flight

Visit to the Museum of Flight

If you like anything and everything to do with flying, this is the excursion for you!  The Scottish National Museum of Flight is located about 45 minutes drive to the east of Edinburgh, at an airfield called East Fortune.  The airfield was actively used during both World Wars and it now houses a rare selction of aircraft and flying related objects.

There are several hangers with different kinds of historic aircraft in them. From the original Concorde to more modern fighter jets like Nimrod. You can also see where the parachutes were kept in the past and have fun in the science of flight shed where you can find out why airplanes fly and try your hand at the interactive machines. Would you make a good pilot?

Watch the video below and answer these questions:

1. How much lottery funding will the museum receive?

2. Which world war do the hangers date to?

3. What does the wee boy have on his face?

4. What are the father and son standing in front of?

5. What is next to the man's shoulder?

6. What does the man say is the second reason?

7. What does the man say is the third reason?

8. What year were the hangers built in?

9. What was the site used for in the war?

10. How many years were the hangers supposed to last?

11. What are the hangers no longer?

12. Name some of the planes the journalist mentions.

13. Why do the visitors think it is important?

14. What will also go on display?

You can go aboard Concord, take a seat or check out the cockpit.

If you always wanted to be a pilot, here's your chance...

There is a huge selection of aircraft to see

As well as various flight related objects, such as ejector seats!

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