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Principal’s Post April 2013

Earth day

Monday 22nd April is Earth Day: a time when many countries across the globe hold events to show their support for all kinds of environmental matters. More than one billion people take part in celebrating what a wonderful planet we live on.  This year’s theme is ‘The Face of Climate Change'. Here in Scotland events range from discussions on whether bears, wolves and lynxes should be re-introduced into Scotland to participation in a worldwide meditation hour of silence and reflection

The day before Earth Day is the birthday of Scotland’s renowned environmentalist, John Muir.  He was born in Dunbar on 21st April 1838 and, at the age of 11, he emigrated to the United States with his parents.  There he went on to dedicate his life to protecting wild places and establishing the first national parks in the world. Today ‘The John Muir Trust’ is a leading wild land conservation charity continuing the work started by the Scotsman, John Muir.

What are you going to do to celebrate Earth Day?  

News from the school

This week it was the turn of the Principal to go back to being a student and attend a course.  I spent four days staying in the stunning environment of the magnificent Girton College.  Originally Girton was set up in 1869 as the first residential college in England where women could study. Nowadays the college is one of the many colleges which constitute the University of Cambridge and co-educational.  

What did I study?  I attended a very practical course on teaching Legal English and thoroughly enjoyed meeting other international teachers and brushing up my knowledge of Legal English.  

Words in the News 

This week the words love tunnel, hormone levels and mating season are in the news. Yes, love is in the air at Edinburgh Zoo and the behaviour of its famous residents Tian Tian  and Yang Guang is being closely monitored for encouraging signs that the Giant Pandas are ready to mate.  When the zoo’s animal experts are happy that the 36-hour breeding window for mating has arrived, they will open up the love tunnel between the pandas’ enclosures and keep their fingers crossed.  Who knows, this time next year there may well be the pitter patter of little panda paws at the zoo!

Keep on studying English and let us have your snippets of news too.

Statue of John Muir

Pandas at Edinburgh zoo

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