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Principal’s Post - April 2014

Wherever have the weeks gone? 

The year seems to be marching on. The days are getting longer since the clocks went forward a few weeks ago and Edinburgh is once again full of daffodils and other spring flowers.  Easter is not too far away either.  

Across the Pond (as the Atlantic Ocean is sometimes known as), New York hosts the Tartan Day Parade today, with the wearing of kilts and the playing of bagpipes in celebration of all things Scottish. During North America’s annual ‘Scotland Week’, cultural events highlight the art, drama, music and design of Scotland. It is a vivid reminder to many American and Canadian citizens of their Scottish roots. Scotland’s history recalls how as a result of poverty or political unrest many Scots were forced to emigrate abroad, with almost one million Scots crossing the Atlantic in the nineteenth century. However, 2014 has been designated a ‘Homecoming’ year and Scotland is welcoming everyone (with or without Scottish roots) to celebrate the culture and history that makes Scotland one of the best countries in the world.

News from the school

Fingers crossed for our IELTS examination candidates this month.  Hopefully the hard work, good studying and great IELTS examination preparation classes enable them achieve the score they want.

The school also recently hosted a group of Russian journalists who were interested to see how English was taught to foreign speakers here in Scotland.  They interviewed some of the students and sat in on some lessons so they could write about us in the Russian media.

Words in the News

This time it is numbers in the news: 1564, 450, 23, 04 and 37.  They are all connected to the great British playwright Shakespeare. Can you guess what they represent?  Answers supplied, on request!

Keep on studying English and let us have your snippets of news too.

Spring is here!

Edinburgh is full of daffodils

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