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Principal’s Post - Astrix and the Picts

Astrix and the Picts

Today is a great day for comic book fans the world over, and especially for those in Scotland.  The 35th book in the world famous Asterix series is now available in bookshops.  The title of this adventure ‘Asterix and the Picts’ takes place at the time when Scotland’s formidable warrior tribes lived in the region we now call Scotland. The Romans called these tribes ‘Picti, meaning ‘the painted or tattooed ones’ due to their body decoration.

Not only is this latest comic tale published in English, but will also be available in Scottish Gaelic for those who may want a more authentic flavour. But the English version will no doubt provide a great and enjoyable way to practise your English.

News from the school

Congratulations to Alexandra and Katarzyna on passing the TOLES Higher examination with flying colours. They now have a useful qualification indicating how well they can handle complex authentic legal documents and situations in English. Well done to both of them!

Some of our students have also become experts in Scottish dancing after attending the monthly Ceilidh Club Friday night sessions. They will now never be at a loss whenever a ceilidh band strikes up the chords for the lively ‘Gay Gordon’ or ‘Dashing White Sergeant’, not to mention the chaotic and boisterous ‘Strip the Willow’.

Words in the News

Caber tossing’, ‘whisky drinking’ and ‘haggis eating’ must all appear in the new Asterix comic book. After all they are the typical things common to all Scottish people.

Keep on studying English and let us have your snippets of news too.

Astrix and the Picts. Image from Wikipedia

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