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Principal’s Post - Autumn in Scotland

Autumn has arrived in Scotland 

The browns, reds and golds of the autumn foliage makes for an enchanting experience, whether in the city or outside in the countryside.  It also means no midges (the maddening menace of the summer) and also fewer tourists, so enjoying the many wonders of Scotland is much more pleasurable.  Now the many summer festivals are over, there are still many things to do all over Scotland while learning English in Edinburgh. 

A visit to the Speyside Whisky Festival for whisky connoisseurs or a browse at the Wigtown Book Festival for bookworms are just some of festivals on offer in Autumn.  For the more active and adventurous, the Loch Ness Marathon or World Stone Skimming Championships might be a more monstrous challenge. 

Whatever time of year you choose to study English, you can always find something of added interest to complement your language learning experience.  

News from the school

Golf is one of those added interests that brings some of our clients to ECS Scotland and recently the Principal attended the opening of a new golf course in Slovakia.  Founded by a past client of ECS, Golf Club Scotland (Slovakia) realised its dream of developing golf in Slovakia with the official inaugeration of its 9 hole course.

ECS Scotland was proud to present the club with a Scottish quaich to be used as a challenge trophy for future events.  The quaich is a Scottish two-handled drinking cup, which when filled with whisky is passed around a group of people to symbolise welcoming friendship. The Slovakians really know how to put on a celebration – spit-roasted ox, grilled trout and plenty of whisky and Slovakian beer were savoured well into the night.  

On a different note of success, we say congratulations to our recent examination candidate who successfully passed the BULATS listening and reading/language knowledge test. After studying for one week on a General and Business English course, which also included examination preparation, the candidate did the computer version on the test and was immediately presented with his results. This meant he went home with his BULATS certificate and did not have to wait for results to be sent to him.  “That’s great”, he commented.  We await the results of our Cambridge English: Advanced and TOLES candidates as we speak.

Words in the News

This time the more academic phrases “digital mapping”, “sustainable development” and “geopolitical change” are reflect the fact that the first Geographer Royal for Scotland in 118 years has recently been appointed in Scotland. The post, conferred on an Edinburgh University Professor of Geography, enables the promotion of research and education in Geography to be carried out. For more information see bhttp://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-edinburgh-east-fife-34257660oth nationally and internationally. 

Keep on studying English and let us have your snippets of news too.

Quaich presented by ECS Scotland to Golf Club Scotland in Slovakia

Ladislav, ex-student and founder of Golf Club Scotland in Slovakia

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