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Principal’s Post - Edinburgh ranked 2nd in world for quality of life

Nowadays it seems we have lists for everything.  Last time I mentioned that Glencoe in Scotland was recently placed 2nd on a list of stunning places for spectacular scenery.  Now it’s Edinburgh’s turn.  This time Edinburgh has been named the UK’s ‘most walkable’ city.  What does that mean?  Well, it was rated on how ‘walking friendly’ the city was considered.  This took into account issues such as feelings of safety and closeness to shops and amenities.  In another survey, Edinburgh was ranked 2nd in the world for quality of life.

Of course, we at ECS Scotland are not surprised by this.  We always tell our students how easy it is to get around Edinburgh. The city centre is particularly compact and full of interesting buildings that encourage people to walk around with heads up enjoying the rich architectural heritage of Edinburgh. As for the quality of life – come and see for yourself.  Read the article in The Scotsman here.

News from the school

Not only do students come from many different countries but they also come from many different work or study backgrounds.  Currently in the school we have a nurse, a doctor and a midwifery student. In addition, we have a couple of engineers, an architect, a vet, a video producer, two teachers and some project managers.  Exchanging work experiences allows our students to interact naturally and learn about other jobs, as well as developing their English. 

One of our teachers, Flora, is currently taking some time away from the school.  Instead of teaching English at ECS Scotland she is working as 2nd Mate on a yacht belonging to Gordonstoun (a boarding school in the north of Scotland). Her work involves teaching sailing skills to children and young adults while sailing off the magnificent west coast of Scotland.  She sent us some shots of the stunning sea views around the islands of the Inner Hebrides.

Words in the News

Scotland is definitely ‘in the pink’. This idiom perfectly describes how, whatever else may be happening in the world today, Scotland is undoubtedly ‘blooming’ and ‘flourishing’. Check out the fantastic images of a pink Scotland here.

Keep on studying English and let us have your snippets of news too.

Some of Edinburgh's spectacular scenery

View from Princes Street, Edinburgh's main shopping street.

Flora's picture of the Isle of Rhum

Sailing off the west coast of Scotland

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