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Principal’s Post - eltons

Glorious sunshine

Yesterday Edinburgh was basking in glorious sunshine with people strolling around the city and relaxing outside many of the pavement cafés that have suddenly popped up throughout the city.  Yes, despite having the coldest spring since 1979 (and with roads closed in the Highlands due to snow only last week) Scotland’s weather is looking up.  In addition, the days are getting longer and longer and currently the sun doesn’t set until just before 10 o’clock in the evening. That’s how it is when you live at 56.4˚N.

Last weekend also saw 29,000 people (young and old) run 26 miles around the stunning sights of Edinburgh as they took part in the Edinburgh Marathon Festival.  Many were raising money for charitable causes too. Did you know the Edinburgh Marathon is the fastest marathon in the UK?  

News from the school

The Principal recently attended this year’s ‘ELTons’ award ceremony in the prestigious BMA building in London.  What is the ‘ELTons’ I hear you ask.  Well, it is an award ceremony, rather like the Oscars but perhaps not quite as glamorous – although there was a red carpet.  The ‘Eltons’ awards recognise and celebrate innovation in English Language Teaching from all over the world. There are several categories from traditional English language course books to digital material for both learners of English and teachers.  To find out more about them and  who the winners were, click here

Words in the News

What do the words ‘love’, ‘clay’ and ‘racquet’ have in common?  They are all associated with the game of tennis.  The French Open begins this week, sadly without Scotland’s famous tennis player Andy Murray.  He’s out due to injury, but we hope it will soon be ‘game, set and match’ for him as he gets back on form for a successful summer of tennis.

Keep on studying English and let us have your snippets of news too.

Relaxing outside in the sunshine. Princes Street Gardens.

Enjoying the sunshine below the castle. Only 2 minutes walk from the school.

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