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Principal’s Post February 2013

A Happy Pancake Day to you all.  Today, as in many parts of the world is Shrove Tuesday.  People in Scotland traditionally eat pancakes on this day. They also take part in one or two strange rituals, such as tossing pancakes into the air or running through the streets with them in a pan.  Some people even decide to give up something at this time, reflecting the self-denial aspect of Lent – the forty days before the Christian celebration of Easter.  People in the past often gave up certain foods and today people often decide to give up eating chocolate or drinking alcohol. Some are even giving up Twitter and Facebook for Lent. How about you?  Are you giving up anything?

Last weekend, Edinburgh was abuzz with the supporters of Italy and Scotland for the Six Nations Rugby match.  Edinburgh is a great place to be on a Six Nations weekend – you can feel the ‘rugby fever’ on the streets with buoyant fans strolling the streets before and after the match. With a 34-10 win for Scotland, everyone is looking forward to the next home games against Ireland and Wales (Watch this space for the results).

News from the school

After several months of planning, the new ECS Scotland website has been launched. We hope it is clear and easy to use for all our past and future clients.  We thank Michael and Jenny at Tigerchick for their excellent work and support.

Our current cohort of students comprises a wide range of nationalities. From over 9,000 kilometres away we have our Japanese and Thai students, while nearer to home at only 900 or so kilometres we have our European students. Our Saudi and Mexican students come some way in between.  Despite their different background cultures, all the students work together to communicate their ideas and opinions in English. The coffee room has been buzzing with friendly chatter all day.

We said goodbye to Lourdes, who is off on her adventure to study for a Master’s degree at a Danish university. Her course is taught in English, although her mother tongue is Spanish. So ‘Good Luck’ to her in her studies. 

Words in the News 

This week’s words have to be hooker, scrum, ruck and try. Without knowing these words, it is difficult to understand what is happening in a game of rugby.  On the other hand, anyone who can explain what is going on in a rugby match to me deserves a medal.

Keep on studying English and let us have your snippets of news too.


The Principal's Post is written by the Principal and Owner of ECS Scotland, Jane McKinlay.

The coffee room has been buzzing with friendly chatter.

Practise your spoken English both inside and outside the classroom.

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