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Principal’s Post - Forth Rail Bridge

The Forth Bridge

One of the most iconic images of Scotland, the Forth Bridge, is aiming to achieve world heritage status next year.  Opened in 1890, the bridge is a remarkable engineering construction connecting the north and south sides of the River Forth by rail.  It is approximately 8300ft (2.5 km) long, made of steel and took the 4,900 workers about seven years to build.  If you are in Edinburgh and fancy a visit to the bridge, it can be seen from the village of South Queensferry just outside Edinburgh. Regular buses and trains go to South Queensferry or you can take a train trip over the bridge to North Queensferry and back again! 

Hopefully the Forth Rail Bridge will be approved by UNESCO and will then be able to join the other 5 world heritage sites in Scotland: Edinburgh’s Old and New Towns, the Roman Antonine Wall, Orkney’s Neolithic monuments, New Lanark and the remote island of St Kilda.  Five more good reasons to visit Scotland!

News from the school

February has been a very sporty month.  The first weekend saw ECS Scotland teachers spend a weekend in the Highlands taking part in outdoor activities such as cross-country skiing, hillwalking, canoeing, kayaking and mountain-biking.  It was all part of their professional development weekend, which combined giving presentations on aspects of their teaching with being healthy and active in the great outdoors. Not quite on a par with the Winter Olympics but well done to all who took part!

Students also enjoyed watching the Sotchi 2014 Winter Olympics every day on the school TV in the coffee room – especially supporting the all-Scottish GB curling teams who won silver and bronze medals.  

Words in the News

It’s like painting the Forth Bridge’ has often been used in the UK to describe a never-ending, often repetitive task.  Here is a mini English lesson about the Forth Bridge. For more information about the painting of the bridge, read a BBC news article.

Keep on studying English and let us have your snippets of news too.

Hillwalking with Kate, Lindsay, Belle and Laura

Cross-country skiing with Jane, Kate and Andy

The Forth Bridge from the sea

The Forth Rail Bridge from South Queensferry

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