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Principal’s Post - International Bagpipe Day

International Bagpipe Day!

Today Scotland and many other places throughout the world are celebrating International Bagpipe Day 2015

From Ballachulish to Biggar and Barbados to Brazil people are gathering to pay tribute to the ancient skirling musical instrument. Although very much an emblem of Scotland, the bagpipe in some form or other is played far and wide in many countries not only in Scotland.  So raise a toast to the sorrowful, beautiful, haunting sound of the bagpipes. 

News from the school

ECS Scotland has recently become a member of the Quality English network of schools. The QE brand will immediately enable students and educational consultants to recognise the quality of our courses and is a guarantee of expertise in English language provision. Look out for the new QE logo on our website. 

Words in the News

To celebrate International Bagpipe Day - ‘drone’, ‘chanter’, ‘reed’ and ‘bag’ are all essential parts of a bagpipe. Why not also listen out for some of the music performed by Scotland’s famous Red Hot Chilli Pipers?

Keep on studying English and let us have your snippets of news too.

International Bagpipe day!

ECS Scotland is now a Quality English school

Red Hot Chilli Pipers - We Will Rock You & Eye of the Tiger

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