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Principal’s Post March 2013

The Year of Natural Scotland

This year is ‘The Year of Natural Scotland’, when you are invited to celebrate the outstanding natural beauty of Scotland in all its forms. You are encouraged to go into the great Scottish outdoors and discover for yourself the wonderful things that Scotland is rightly famous for.  You can experience the natural landscape, the delicious seafood and even see some Shetland ponies in cardigans (yes, really!).  Unlike many countries around the world, Scotland does not have a national tree and so The Woodland Trust wants everyone to take part in its online poll and vote for a tree to become Scotland’s national tree.  The mighty Scots pine is a firm favourite, but so too are the colourful rowan and the sinewy silver birch. Which tree do you think could represent Scotland?

In Edinburgh

The National Museum of Scotland is currently the host to an outstanding exhibition – ‘Vikings! The Untold Story’ - a truly magnificent collection of over 500 objects from Scandanavia. These objects show a fascinating insight into daily life and death, as well as mythology.  The Vikings traded with and lived in the northern and western parts of Scotland for several hundred centuries and even today we can see their influence in the place names (e.g. Laxdale, Snizort, Wick) they left behind.  This exhibition is well worth visiting, so do go along if you can.                                                                                                           

News from the school

Our students continue to make progress every day and we can see a real difference in some of them.  Their speaking is more accurate and more idiomatic, and they have more confidence. There is much borrowing of DVDs from the school DVD film collection as students make good use of their time outside class by improving their listening skills. Some have even been borrowing books to read in their free time!

On Mondays we always welcome new students and this week is no exception. So a warm welcome today to our 2 one-to-one students from the Czech Republic. We hope they will have a useful and interesting week. Unfortunately we just said goodbye to our Czech-speaking Japanese student last Friday as he returns to take up a new job in Japan. Good luck, Yuuki!

Words in the News 

This week’s words are flippers, tusks, mammal and marine. On Sunday, a young male walrus was found sleeping on the shoreline of one of the small islands in Orkney. This youngster was obviously a little far from home as walruses normally live on the sea ice of the frozen north. Happily it has now headed back out to sea after enjoying its ‘15 minutes of fame’ as a local attraction.

Keep on reading English and let us have your snippets of news too.

A Rowan tree

A Scots Pine

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