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Principal’s Post - May 2013


Around the world people are saying goodbye to the cold, wintery months and welcoming the warm sunshine of spring and summer.  

In Edinburgh, the ancient Celtic fire festival called BELTANE is celebrated on Carlton Hill.  Traditionally young girls also climb up Arthur’s Seat to wash their faces in the May dew – which clears the skin of blemishes or reflects the face of your future husband depending on what you want to believe.

New bridge across the Forth

Scots are being asked to vote for the name that will be given to the latest bridge to be built over the Forth estuary outside Edinburgh.  In the 19th century, the magnificent Forth Rail Bridge was built, while in the 20th century a road bridge was built to replace the short ferry crossing.  Now in the 21st century it is time to build another road bridge to carry the increased numbers of cars over the estuary. A shortlist of 5 names has been drawn up from a total of over 7,000 suggestions.

In no particular order the names are: Caladonia Bridge (Caladonia is the Latin name for Scotland), Firth of Forth Crossing (because the bridge will cross the estuary of the River Forth), Queensferry Crossing (the 11th century Queen Margaret used this point to cross over the river on the way to Edinburgh), Saltire Crossing (the Saltire is the official name for Scotland’s flag) and finally St Margaret’s Crossing (Queen Margaret was also regarded as a saint).  The bridge will open in 2016.

News from the school

This week’s excursion is to the World Heritage site of the 18th century New Lanark cotton spinning mill beside the beautiful Falls of Clyde. Students visit the place where Robert Owen put into practice many of his ideas for a better and fairer society.

Words in the News 

The following words ‘garland’, ‘maypole’, ‘bonfire’ and ‘bannocks’ are all associated with May Day traditions.  Which one means something you eat? Which one is something you dance around? Which one is do you wear on your head? And which one do you light?

Keep on studying English and let us have your snippets of news too.

The Forth Rail Bridge from South Queensferry.

The old school room at New Lanark World Heritage Site.

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