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Principal’s Post - Murraymania

Scotland is celebrating

Murraymania is sweeping across the land as Andy Murray, the Scottish-born tennis player, has finally realised his (and the rest of the UK’s) ambition to win the Men’s Singles Championship final at Wimbledon.  The first Brit to win the championship in 77 years.  Well done Andy!

Scotland is also gearing up for its summer tourist season, with tourists coming from far and wide to visit our stunning scenery.  Perhaps the most exotic ‘tourists’ so far have been an ascension frigatebird spotted on Islay and the white-throated needletail sighted on Harris. These rare birds from warmer climes have been eagerly pursued by enthusiastic twitchers from all parts of the UK.  Sadly, the needletail met an unfortunate end by colliding with a small wind turbine.

Hopefully the festival-goers for the 20th anniversary ‘T in the Park’ are not so unlucky.  Next weekend sees some 85,000 music fans descend on Balado near Kinross for a weekend musical extravaganza.  Headlining the event are groups such as Mumford & Sons, Snoop Dog and the Stereophonics. At £200 for a weekend ticket, let’s hope the sun shines and the music is marvellous.

Edinburgh has enjoyed several days of glorious sunshine and recorded a high of 28C on Tuesday!  Many people have visited the beaches at Cramond, Portobello and in East Lothian.

News from the school

Our students this month are no slouches when it comes to studying in their summer holidays. Many choose not only to spend time socialising in English with their multinational colleagues, but also to focus on a range of specialist areas.  Currently, we have Medical English, Legal English, Business English, Academic English and exam preparation classes all going on in additions to our usual general English classes.

Words in the News

Tennis is not the only sport.  The words ‘camanacd’ ‘stick’ and ‘quarter finals’ reflect the fact this weekend Scotland hosted the shinty quarterfinals – yet another game where you hit a ball.

Keep on studying English and let us have your snippets of news too.

Queuing for ice cream!

Relaxing on Cramond beach.

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