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Principal’s Post - Scottish heather honey

The benefits of Scottish heather honey

It’s October already and the ‘season of mists and mellow fruitfulness’ so aptly described by the poet John Keats is well under way.  It conjures up memories of sitting by a cosy fire eating warm toast or teacakes covered in delicious Scottish heather honey.

This week scientists from Glasgow University reported that heather honey from bees kept in the Highlands is really good for fighting infections in both humans and animals and very soon it may be used in hospitals to effectively kill bacteria.  Scottish heather honey is also used in beer making. The Black Isle Brewing Company produces a wonderful organic heather honey beer at its brewery north of Inverness. So the iconic Scottish heather (calluna vulgaris) plant is more than a just a glorious sight on the moors, but is extremely useful too.

Glasgow is also the place to be next July when it hosts the 2014 Commonwealth Games. These games are open to participants from the 54 countries that are members of the Commonwealth (countries that have some link with Great Britain) of which Queen Elizabeth is the head.  Some 6,500 athletes will take part in more than 17 sports.  The Commonwealth Games, like the Olympics, take place every four years.  More than 2 million people applied for tickets to see the events, though not everyone will be lucky enough to get one.

News from the school

ECS Scotland has got a blogspot.  What’s that I hear some of you ask?  It’s a place where you can find information about the school and Scotland, as well as materials to help you with your English. You can check it out at ecsscotland.blogspot.com. You can use it on your own for extra study or in class.

Words in the News

'Turnips', 'witches' and 'guising' – can you guess which celebration is in October?  Yes, 31st October is Halloween.

Keep on studying English and let us have your snippets of news too.

Black Isle Brewery www.blackislebrewery.com

John Mellis' Scottish heather honey. Available at Real Foods.

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