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Principal’s Post - Stone stacking, whisky, and tours

It’s amazing what humans get up to in their spare time. 

Playing a sport, learning a new language or walking in beautiful Scottish landscapes.  Some people even embrace what is around them by creating works of art from stacking stones in their spare time.

The Scottish east coast town of Dunbar was recently host to the European Stone Stacking Championships, when stone balance artists gathered to take part in workshops and the championship. Stone-stackers find the practice of balancing stones to create incredible stone sculptures mediative, mindful and inspirational. To see some of these incredible works of art see the video below or read a short BBC article here.

Other people prefer more indoor pastimes such as sniffing and sipping whisky. Following in the footsteps of the First Lady of Scotch whisky, many people enjoy developing their enthusiasm for the ‘amber dew’ and become connoisseurs in their spare time.

In Edinburgh there are lots of things to do in your spare time when you are studying English here. You could join The Upcyclers and transform and repurpose waste materials into something else or attend riveting talks with like-minded people at the Edinburgh Skeptics Society.   

News from the school

ECS Scotland’s sister company Tours Plus English is once again holding its ‘outside the classroom’ touring English courses. These themed tours are for those who want to improve their English with a qualified English teacher but also want a something a little different to traditional classroom based learning.

The participants of the Edinburgh and Glasgow tour explored recently the highlights of Scotland’s two main cities and currently a group is experiencing the highs and lows of Scottish history on the History Lovers course.

Tours still to come this Spring is the Nature Lovers tour in May and the tasty Food and Drink tour in June. Contact [email protected] if you would like more information or to book a place.

ECS Scotland’s Wednesday afternoon excursions which are included as part of all English language courses is also expanding to include new activities and destinations. For example, to celebrate World Heritage Day, students went on a fascinating Patrick Gedes themed walking tour in the Old Town.  There they learned about and took in the sights associated with the world-renown Scottish biologist, botanist, geographer, internationalist, pioneering town planner and all round polymath – Patrick Geddes.

Keep on studying English and let us have your snippets of news too.

Tours Plus English, one of their English classes took place on the train to Glasgow.

Learning about camera usage from a professional photographer before going on a photography walking tour of Edinburgh's New Town. Part of the Tours Plus English touring course.

Spending the day in Glasgow with local guide, Tom Docherty.

ECS Scotland Wednesday excursion. Patrick Geddes walking tour.


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