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Principal’s Post - tartan noir

What is 'tartan noir'?

BBC Scotland recently aired a great crime drama series called ‘Shetland’. Based, not surprisingly, on the Shetland archipelago of Scotland which is situated north-east of mainland Britain.  The series has adapted the novels of writer Ann Cleeves, whose novels belong to the ‘tartan noir’ genre of Scottish writing. Whatever the reason for the allure of crime fiction, whether from Scotland, Scandinavia (‘nordic noir’) or wherever, television adaptations of these books often bring untold tourism benefits to formerly remote or little known places.

The series is set against the stunning backdrop of Shetland’s coastal scenery, which at times like the stories themselves can be a little bleak but equally spellbinding.  This will certainly draw more tourists to these far-away islands. In addition to the usual activities of associated with spotting Shetland’s amazing wildlife, you can now follow in Detective Inspector Jimmy Perez’s footsteps and visit the breathtaking locations for yourself. For more information on the books and the series see here.  See the visitshetland.org's information sheet about the books and locations here.  

If you like reading crime fiction, why not practise your English with these novels. Or if you are still deciding what to do this summer, why not come and study English in Edinburgh then visit Shetland?!

News from the school

Preparations are well underway for the summer rush. Besides our usual courses, there is a CAE preparation course starting on 23rd June or 21st July and a General & Legal English intensive summer course running from 4th - 22nd August.

Remember to book early for courses and accommodation. We are already getting booked up for some weeks in July and August.

Words in the News

This week’s words are ‘dodo’, ‘dig’ and ‘Great Auk’ to reflect the findings by archaeologists near Edinburgh of a bone of an extinct species of sea bird. For more on this story see here.

Keep on studying English and let us have your snippets of news too.

Shetland photos by Dave Donaldson www.davedonaldson.co.uk

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