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Principal’s Post - VisitScotland’s Top Twenty Tourist Attractions

In the recently published VisitScotland’s list of the Top Twenty Most Visited Tourist Attractions, 7 out of the top 10 can be found in Edinburgh. Naturally, this is a good reason to choose Edinburgh when considering where to study English this year.  The first 3 on the list - The National Museum of Scotland, Edinburgh Castle and the Scottish National Gallery are all places recommended by our students for stimulating learning experiences outside the classroom.

As most adult language learners realise, learning another language is not necessarily as straightforward as learning one’s mother tongue. So going outside the classroom and using the limitless resources of a city such as Edinburgh is a great way to bring English alive.

There are many opportunities for using language in real life from ordering food and drink in cafes and pubs to reading and listening to information in museums and exhibitions.  Using English spontaneously in predictable and unpredictable daily situations combined with engaging and relevant language classes, is the key to successful language learning.

Students looking for a different type of English course, one with more time spent outside the classroom, can join one of our touring English courses. These courses offer participants the opportunity to speak English with local guides and take part in cultural visits and day trips outside of Edinburgh. For more information about these courses and tour dates for 2019, see the Tour Plus English website.

News from the school

We are delighted to welcome a new member to the ECS Scotland team, although it will be some time before he’ll be an active member.  Laura’s son Finlay was born in January. She is now working from home with Finlay for several months, but still keeping an eye on what is going on in the office and school.

Responding to the changing needs of English language learners is a priority for ECS Scotland. Currently we are looking at developing new areas in medical English and intercultural language training. So watch this space!  The teachers are also engaged in an interesting in-house speaking project to help us support our learners develop their English language speaking skills so they can confidently communicate in the real world.

The Principal has finally returned from a stimulating 3-month trip to Japan. There she attended marketing workshops and spent time learning Japanese in a local Japanese language school, in addition to visiting all of the 4 main islands that make up Japan. Now she knows exactly what it feels like to be a language learner in a foreign land and live with a local host family.

Keep on studying English and let us have your snippets of news too.

Jane attending the Quality English mission in Tokyo

Attending a training day for English teachers in Japan

Visiting the sites with a former student

Mini Boss has arrived! Introducing Finlay to the school

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