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Stirling Castle

Visit to Stirling Castle

Stirling Castle has played an important part in Scottish history for hundreds of years.  The castle has been restored and refurbished and it is a popular visit with our students.  It takes approximately one hour to get to Stirling by minibus from Edinburgh.  Students can either explore the castle on their own, with other students from the school or join a free guided tour taken by the castle guides.

There is so much to see at Stirling Castle, it has such splendour, amazing colour, and wondrous craftsmanship. Stirling Castle was once the home of Scotland's Renaissance Kings and Queens. You can see where they lived in the Royal Palace, where they ate in the Great Hall and where the food was made in the Kitchens. There is also the Chapel Royal, where the princes and princesses were christened and the King prayed.

The castle has now been restored to how historians believe it looked during the time of King James V. The castle is also situated in a strategic position between the Highlands and the Lowlands of Scotland, and like Edinburgh’s castle is built on a high volcanic rock. So on a clear day you can see far and wide. Below the castle, are some of the most famous Battlefields in Scotland. This is where the famous William Wallace fought the battle of Stirling Bridge against the English in 1297, and won.

Watch the short video below about the restoration of the castle and answer the questions:

1. Where was the castle built?

2. Who are some of the great historical figures?

3. What is special about the Great Hall?

4. What is at the heart of the castle?

5. Which king and queen was the castle built for?

6. Where did King James VI move his court to?

7. How much did the refurbishment cost?

8. What was the first part of the project?

9. What animal is in the tapestries? 

10. What was the "old alliance"? 

11. What were the heads made from?

12. When did the King die?


Think about your own answers to these questions:

Do you think the castle should have been restored?

Do you like all the colours and materials?

What about the "real" costume characters depicting court life, are they a good idea?

Do you think there's more to be learned about history when it's more interactive?

Are there places similar to Stirling Castle in your country?

Visit to Stirling Castle

The Union Jack flag flying at Stirling castle

Lovely views from Stirling Castle

View overlooking the royal gardens

Details of wall carvings and sculptures

Inside the Royal Palace. Stirling Castle has been reformed to what it is thought it looked like around 1545.

Historic Scotland | Stirling Castle: A Glimpse of Magnificence

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