This is especially true for anyone who wants to use English in an academic context. Nowadays a growing number of colleges and universities worldwide are using English as the language of instruction and English-medium university courses are springing up everywhere.

For anyone who wants to follow a course taught in English or to teach a particular subject in English, a good grasp of Academic English is essential. Academic English is the kind of English you need for studying, rather than the everyday conversational kind of language you may be used to. The ability to speak or write in more complex language is something which you develop over time through contact with an academic community.

Why choose an Academic English course?

A good Academic English course can help you on your way, whatever your academic discipline. It allows you to practise all your English language skills to a high level and to develop your English to be as clear, precise and as simple as possible. It will focus on the key vocabulary for use in various academic situations, as well as practising the reading and writing skills which are so important in an academic context. Developing specific speaking and listening skills for taking part in seminars and presenting your work, in addition to practise in decoding academic lectures are important elements of Academic English study. If you are an international student about to start studying at an English speaking university, taking part in an Academic English course before you start will give you the confidence and the skills to study your chosen subject in English.

Small group Academic English in Edinburgh

The Academic English course at ECS Scotland is suitable for students who need to enhance their English for use in an academic context before studying in higher education in the United Kingdom. The course is also suitable for students who are going on to English-medium courses elsewhere. It will also be of benefit to those who may need to teach or lecture in English and for those students who have to sit the Academic IELTS exam. All our groups have a maximum of 5 students per group so you can practise as much as possible during every class.