The following courses are recognised for Bildungsurlaub:

Please check with your state or company how many hours you must study per week.

24 hours per week:

English with Yoga & Wellbeing

25 hours per week:

English for Communication at Work - Combination Course Experience Edinburgh - group course

30 hours per week:

Combination Course: General English group + 1-to-1 Specific English English for Communication at Work - Combination Course

Bildungsurlaub advisor

Our Bildungsurlaub recognitions can be downloaded here: https://www.bildungsurlaub-spr...

ECS Scotland's recognitions are organised by Mr Sebastian Ernst because it is too complicated for us to do it in German as every state has different requirements!.

If you need to check what your specific paperwork requirements are for your state or company, please give Mr Ernst a quick phone call (in German), he will be happy to help and will be able to confirm which documents you need.

Bildungsurlaub Service
Mr Sebastian Ernst
Tel. +49-(0)7 91-21 69 14 63
Mobil +49-(0) 1 73-2 33 59 69 (Sebastian Ernst)
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