Where do you get stuck for words? Make sure you have at least the keywords for the main topics you like to discuss. Then add new vocabulary to the topic area as you learn it and use it.

Use English outside the classroom

Here at ECS Scotland, we encourage our students to use English outside the classroom, because it is easier to remember something which is directly relevant to yourself and your interests. In class, we cover a wide range of topics, and the students help to decide what those topics will be. You must then continue to speak English as much as possible and revise and use the new vocabulary. Find a language exchange partner in Edinburgh or in your own town, meet with them one a week or every two weeks to speak English.

Do activities you enjoy in English. Do you like yoga? Join a yoga class in English! Do you like hiking? Join an English speaking hiking group! Once you leave Edinburgh, look for English speaking activities in your country. You'll be surprised at the amount of things you can do in English.

Remember also that Scotland is a wonderful tourist destination, and during your stay, you can take advantage of the fantastic cultural, sporting and natural highlights it has to offer, all in English!