What remains the same, however, is the need for English as more and more people understand the importance of being able to communicate with others who speak a different language and come from a different cultural background. Nowadays that need is experienced by a broader range of learners: from those wanting to do business overseas to those who, for a variety of reasons, have left their homeland to settle or study abroad.

While general English courses remain the mainstay of much English language learning, learners today are demanding increasingly specialised courses. This reflects how English has become the dominant language not only for business but also for social communication including the Internet. ECS Scotland has always provided a diverse range of specialised courses, including for healthcare workers, legal professionals, military personnel and politicians. We continue to expand our expertise in providing such courses.

Our experience of the past 25 years has shown that developing speaking and listening skills is what our clients really want to focus on. To this end, ECS Scotland has launched an exciting new course for its anniversary year. Incorporating insights and experiences from the past 25 years, our English for Effective Communication course combines practice in speaking and listening with developing an understanding of good intercultural skills.

In the multicultural world of today, we remain committed to ensuring that people can have constructive conversations, avoiding misunderstandings and breakdowns, wherever in the world they come from.