A proficient or advanced speaker can recognise implicit meaning, summarise information and reconstruct arguments coherently. In addition, they can express themselves fluently, spontaneously and precisely and, most importantly, use the language effortlessly, flexibly and naturally. Advanced users are recognised as being at the CEF stages of C1 (Effective Operational Proficiency) and C2 (Mastery)

An advanced level course at ECS Scotland

If you join an advanced level English course at ECS Scotland, you can expect to be exposed to a multiplicity of natural language so that you can develop your collocational and idiomatic use of English and augment your vocabulary range. You will be encouraged to use and understand both colloquial and more linguistically challenging language. You will have the opportunity to eradicate any minor grammatical inaccuracies that you still have through natural osmosis whilst covering a proliferation of different topics when speaking and listening.

Should you wish to develop a particular area of your English, such as writing or clarity of speech (pronunciation), then you can also take a Combination Course to ensure you utilise your time fully to achieve virtuosity and prowess when using English.