Using adjectives makes you sound really interesting

Remember an adjective describes objects, situations, people and emotions.

What's the difference between....?

  • bored and boring
  • frightened and frightening
  • relaxed and relaxing
  • confused and confusing
  • annoyed and annoying
  • interested and interesting
  • tired and tiring
  • worried and worrying
  • excited and exciting
  • amazed and amazing

Explanation for ~ed adjectives

~ed adjectives describe emotions and tell us how people feel. For example:

  1. I was so bored during the film that I fell asleep.
  2. Lindsay was surprised to see Alex after such a long time.
  3. Laura was really tired and went to bed early.

Explanation for ~ing adjectives

~ing adjectives describe what causes an emotion. For example:

  1. That film is really amazing. You must go and see it.
  2. I could listen to Radio 4 for hours. It's so interesting.
  3. A lot of people think snakes are frightening.

Now watch the video to help you review ~ed and ~ing adjectives

Now test yourself with the quiz.

Gnasher is a big dog but you mustn't be ________.

The instructions for my new washing machine are very ________.

I always enjoyed learning English. My lessons were never _______.

That restaurant never has any customers. I'm _______ it's still open.

The battery on my laptop only lasts a couple of hours. It's very _______.

I was ________ I didn't get into my first choice of university.

I'm watching a very _____ film.

The children were so ______ about Christmas that they couldn't get to sleep.