"I have little time to study English."

Examples with negative meanings:

  • Alex had little time to see his friends.
  • Lindsay has little money to spend on books.
  • Andy had few moments alone at work.
  • I had few friends growing up.

Example with positive meanings:

  • We have a little money, let's go out for dinner!
  • They have a little time, let's ask them over for drinks.
  • Lindsay spends a little money every week on her cat.
  • Alex has a few days to spend with his family.
  • She enjoys a few moments everyday contemplating.

Listen to a few examples for more practice.

Now try the quiz to see if you know the difference.

Is it 'few', 'a few', 'little' or 'a little'?

Jamie wasn't happy about the situation but he had _______ choice.


_____ cities are as beautiful as Edinburgh.


Lindsay began to tell us ______ about her life in Scotland.

a little

Don't take all the chocolates Alex! Just take _____.

a few