Let's make dinner.

Examples with do:

Do is for repetitive tasks, obligations and actions.

  • do housework
  • do the dishes
  • do the shopping
  • do the cleaning
  • do homework
  • do exercise

Example with make:

Make is for creating or producing something, results, and actions you choose to do.

  • make breakfast/lunch/dinner
  • make a meal
  • make sausage rolls
  • make an omelette
  • make a cup of tea
  • make a reservation
  • make friends
  • make money
  • make a mistake
  • make plans

4 things to remember about make and do

Test your memory with the quiz

Karl is ________ dinner tonight.

David needs to ____ some exercise, he's eaten too much raclette.

I can't come out tonight I have to _____ my homework.

Could you ______ me a cup of tea please? I'm exhausted.