Is it swimming or to swim?

Examples of gerunds:

  • Flying makes Karl anxious.
  • Brushing your teeth makes them clean.
  • Lindsay is good at drawing.
  • Marco can't give up smoking.
  • I look forward to hearing from you soon
  1. avoid ~ I avoid eating meat.
  2. enjoy ~ He enjoys watching films.
  3. mind ~ They don't mind helping.
  4. finish ~ We finished cleaning the house.
  5. miss ~ She misses visiting her friends.

Examples of infinitives:

  • I decided not to study in Glasgow.
  • Karl likes to visit expensive restaurants.
  • Lindsay wants to swim in the loch.
  • They want to travel the world.
  • We came to collect our money.
  1. agree ~ They agreed to come home.
  2. learn ~ We learned to swim on holiday.
  3. forget ~ I forgot to buy some milk.
  4. attempt ~ He attempted to redeliver the parcel.
  5. help ~ She helps to clean the house.

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Karl doesn't fancy _______ out tonight.

Sally would like _____ a house.

I enjoy _______ nice meals.

I am learning ______ English.