I was travelling.

Form: past simple of "be" + verb~ing

  • I was having my breakfast.
  • You were having a cup of tea.
  • She was having a piece of toast.
  • He wasn't having anything
  • We were deciding what to do that day.
  • You were having a nap.
  • They weren't having a good time.

Watch the video to review the structure of past continuous.

However, if you want to improve your listening skills watch the next video.

These are different clips with a variety of accents using the past continuous form.

Now test yourself with the quiz below.

Are the sentences correct or incorrect?

He was sitting on the bus when he saw an elephant.


We weren't have a party when you phoned.

Incorrect. We weren't having a party when you phoned.

Were you making dinner when the fire started?