I ate a biscuit yesterday

Let's review some common irregular verbs

  • I went to the shops.
  • You saw a film last night.
  • She ate a big piece of cake on her birthday.
  • He stole my new jumper.
  • We ran home after the storm.
  • You made curry for dinner.
  • They bought a new house together.

Watch the video to help you review the past tense.

Now test yourself with the questions below.

Are these sentences correct or incorrect?

Did you stole my new jumper?

Incorrect. Did you steal my new jumper.

We did began our homework at 10pm.

Incorrect. We began our homework at 10pm.

I didn't know the way to the station.


Did he broke his arm playing football?

Incorrect. Did he break his arm playing football?

She didn't go to Rome for her holidays.


They didn't saw a film last night.

Incorrect. They didn't see a film last night.