Princes Street is between the Old Town and the New Town. Once it was grand houses, but now it is where all the famous High Street shops and brands can be found. Everything from Apple to Primark can be purchased on Princes Street.

Princes Street Gardens run alongside the street and are the location of the famous Edinburgh Christmas Market.

Princes Street Gardens

Watch the video and answer the questions

Unfortunately Jenners Department Store closed in 2020

1. Which famous building can be seen from Princes Street?

2. How long is Princes Street?

3. When did Jenners start trading?

4. Which 5 star hotel can you stay at?

5. How do you get to the Old Town?

6. What are popular attractions to see near Princes Street?

7. What were Princes Street Gardens before gardens?

8. What happens in the winter?

9. What happens on Princes Street at Hogmanay?

10. What can you "hop on"?