Let's do a quick review in two of our question forms

Types of question

Yes/ No questions: These questions have an answer with a yes or a no and are also a closed question.


  • Are you on holiday?
  • Have you been here long?
  • Do you like chocolate?

Present and past simple yes/no questions

For all verbs except BE and HAVE, we use the auxiliary verb do/does or did to make yes/no questions.


  • Did you visit Scotland in September?
  • Do they work hard at school?
  • Does he study a lot?


Wh-questions use the question words: what, when, which, who, whose, why and how.


  • Where are they going?
  • Why have you been working so hard?
  • When did she arrive?
  • Who is he seeing tomorrow?
  • What are we doing for your birthday?

Watch the video for an excellent tip to avoid the common mistakes

Use the acronym QWASM to help you make questions

______ do you do?

______ are you sad?

_____ you finished your dinner?

______ you sleep well last night?