1. use 'which' or 'that' for objects or concepts
  2. use 'who' or 'that' for people
  3. use 'when' for times
  4. use 'where' for places

Watch the video for more examples of relative pronouns

Now test yourself. Which of the sentences are correct or incorrect?

A corkscrew is a thing which you use to open wine bottles.


The man which came to visit looked a lot like Harry Styles.

Incorrect. The man who came to visit.....

I love summer days in Scotland when it doesn't get dark until 11pm.


This is the library where lots of students like to study on their own.


Here's the book who I promised to lend you

Incorrect. Here's the book which I promised to lend you.

I know someone which thinks you're beautiful.

Incorrect. I know someone who thinks you're beautiful.