Part of the Old Town.

There is lots to explore in the Royal Mile.

Test your listening by filling in the blanks!

'By the ____ century, the area was well established'


'It features a classic medieval street plan and many ____ era buildings'


'You'll find the Grassmarket and Cowgate, now easily crossed by several _____ bridges'


'Many of Edinburgh's most popular ____ ____ are situated within a relatively close proximity of each other'

visitor attractions

'The old town is ____ ____ with great places to eat , drink and shop'

absolutely packed

Tips for visiting the Old Town

  • - Wear good walking shoes
  • - Visit the different pubs
  • - Enjoy the views

Experience Edinburgh with us

Our Experience Edinburgh General English course is available year-round. This course enables you to study some hours in our school and visit locations in Edinburgh with your teacher. You get the best of indoor and outdoor English practice as well as visiting interesting places in the city.

Courses where you can discover Edinburgh

Experience Edinburgh General English Combination Course