Video conferencing is now an important skill in English.

Advantages and disadvantages of online meetings

The advantages of online meetings are they can be very flexible and easy to set up. In addition, online meetings can save time and money for employees and the company. Finally, it is possible to have more effective communication with your work colleagues through regular online meetings.

There are, however, disadvantages. For example, there is no personal interaction between colleagues and clients such as a handshake. Another disadvantage is the technical problems that occur due to poor internet connections or software issues.

Useful video conferencing phrases include:

  • Hello, are you there?
  • We can see you, but we can't hear you.
  • You're on mute!
  • Can you unmute your microphone?
  • Could you turn your video on?
  • Can you hear me now?
  • Can you see me now?
  • Would you mind muting your microphone, we can hear the dog barking in the background.
  • Sorry, I didn't catch that, the connection is bad.
  • Could you repeat that, you're breaking up a bit.
  • You've frozen.
  • Oh dear, we've lost you!
  • Could you write that in the chat box please?

Watch the video to learn more about video conferencing etiquette.

Now answer the questions to test your listening comprhension

Does the presenter recommend an interesting and fun background for video calling?

No, he suggests a fairly boring background with good lighting.

Where should the camera be aimed?

The camera lens should be aimed at your eyes.

Does the presenter suggest having your pets in the same room while on a conference call?

No, he suggests closing the doors in your home to stop pets interrupting your video call.

What does the presenter recommend not wearing for video calls?

He recommends not wearing a suit.