Coffee breaks are a time for informal networking and making plans for your free time.

1. Tailored Language Programs

ECS Scotland stands out for its commitment to providing tailored language programs that meet the unique needs and goals of each individual student. Whether you are a beginner seeking a strong foundation or an advanced learner aiming for fluency, ECS Scotland offers a range of courses designed to suit your specific requirements.

With small class sizes (maximum 5 per group) and personalised attention from experienced teachers, you will receive the guidance and support necessary to excel in your English language journey.

Mini groups (maximum 5) and 1-to-1 tuition

2. Immersive Language Learning

At ECS Scotland, language learning goes beyond the classroom walls. The school emphasises immersive learning experiences that allow you to practice English in real-life situations. Through our "walk & talk" excursions, lunch time socials and pub visits, you'll have many opportunities to engage with the local community and immerse yourself in the English language. From exploring historical sites to participating in social events, you'll gain confidence and fluency as you navigate Edinburgh's vibrant cultural landscape.

Walk & talk after class and lunchtime socials give you the opportunity to keep speaking English.

3. Qualified and Dedicated Teachers

ECS Scotland takes pride in its team of expert and dedicated teaching staff. The school carefully selects teachers who are not only highly qualified but also passionate about teaching English. They possess extensive experience in working with international students and employ innovative teaching methods to create engaging and dynamic learning environments. With their guidance, you'll develop a solid foundation in English grammar, expand your vocabulary, and improve your speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills.

Mini groups and 1-to-1 mean more interaction with your teacher

4. Supportive Learning Community:

Studying at ECS Scotland means joining a warm and inclusive learning community. The school fosters a supportive environment where students from diverse backgrounds come together to learn and expand their English knowledge. You'll have the opportunity to connect with fellow language learners, exchange cultural insights, and practice your English skills in a friendly and encouraging atmosphere. The school organises social events and extracurricular activities that promote camaraderie, making your English language journey not only educational but also enjoyable and enriching. Here, you’ll make friends for life.

Chat to fellow students at break times

5. Prime Location in Edinburgh:

Situated in the heart of Edinburgh, ECS Scotland offers an unbeatable location for immersing yourself in Scottish culture and history. The school's proximity to iconic landmarks such as the Edinburgh Castle, the Royal Mile, and Princes Street Gardens allows you to explore the city's beautiful heritage during your breaks from studying. Get lost in the vibrant atmosphere of the city's festivals, indulge in traditional Scottish cuisine, and make lifelong memories while honing your English language skills.

Enjoy walking the streets of Edinburgh during your free time.

Choosing ECS Scotland for your English language studies in Edinburgh is the key that will open doors to a world of linguistic and cultural opportunities. With tailored programs, immersive learning experiences, dedicated faculty, a supportive community, and a prime location, ECS Scotland provides an unparalleled environment for enhancing your English language skills. So, get ready to embark on a transformative language journey with ECS Scotland, where language learning becomes an exciting adventure filled with personal growth, cultural exploration, and academic excellence.

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