If you live in an English-speaking country, there are lots of opportunities to speak English – in the shops, at the bus stop or in cafes. If you don’t live in an English-speaking country, you could ask a friend or colleague to speak with you once or twice a week in English. You could find a language exchange partner – an English-speaking person in your country who wants to learn your language – and meet up every week to speak in English and your own language. If you don't always have someone to talk to, speak to yourself! Practise saying sentences out loud in front of the mirror, why not record yourself on your phone or tablet? Can you understand yourself?

From our experience, the best way to learn spoken English is to join a small group course in an English speaking country for a few weeks. Spoken English lessons are very important and will improve your confidence and fluency and give you a good base to work from. The course should focus on speaking and listening skills – including improving your pronunciation and increasing your English vocabulary for work, travel and leisure.

General English and Effective Communication classes for adults consist of a wide range of topics which will enhance your vocabulary for many different situations, find out about our English courses here