Conversations are all around us from the moment we wake up in the morning to the moment we fall asleep. We interact with family and friends at home, we exchange ideas with colleagues at work, we ask for information from strangers in the street all through conversation. We converse with people of all ages and we try to converse with people whose mother-tongue is different from ours.

Conversation is more than just ‘speaking’

Everyday conversation means knowing when to use polite and formal language as opposed to impolite and informal language - ‘Please be so kind as to leave me alone’ rather than ‘Bog Off! It means knowing when it is right to say ‘He kicked the bucket’ rather than ‘He passed away’ and how to express surprise and a whole range of other emotions.

Conversation is a dialogue not a monologue

This means listening is as important as speaking and knowing how to respond to the verbal and visual clues of others as they speak. Do you know how to take a full and active part in a conversation in English? ECS Scotland provides opportunities for you to learn some and practise some of the features of English conversation. Our small group courses allow you to participate in stimulating dialogues and conversations with people from other countries – using English.

If you wish to practise and learn English conversation skills, a small group General English course provides the opportunity to speak English in a safe and supportive environment. You can participate in interesting discussions about a wide variety of topics and have the help of an experienced English teacher to help you express yourself and your ideas clearly and precisely in English. With a maximum of only 5 students per group, you will have the best opportunity to participate in discussions and really improve your English conversation skills.

Scottish people are known to be friendly and talkative! During your course, why not stay with a local person in homestay accommodation? This will give you the opportunity to practise even more outside the classroom and learn English conversation with native speakers.