Suddenly there is an important meeting coming up in English or the date for that important English examination is fast approaching.

Unfortunately, becoming fluent in a foreign language is not something that can be done quickly. Of course, you can memorise words and structures that you can use in specific situations such as in a meeting or asking for travel information. However, that is a little bit like having one of those small phrasebooks to help you get around in a country where you don’t know the language. These phrases are stored in your short-term memory for immediate use, but are then easily forgotten.

To really learn a language

To really learn a language, you need time to absorb its sounds, words and phrases and its common patterns. This means working on pronunciation, vocabulary and grammar structures. There are many ways to do this, but studying in a small group with a good teacher can be effective and help you learn fast. The smaller the group, the faster you learn. It helps to do an intensive course in an English speaking country where you are surrounded by English 24-hours a day, not only in the classroom. This enables you to practise what you learn both with a teacher and on your own in a natural setting.

Edinburgh is the perfect size of town to stay for a one month intensive English course. There are many things to do outside the classroom so you can practise in a natural way and have fun at the same time!

If you decide to do an intensive English course, to make the most of your time, you should stay with a local host. Staying with a local person means you can practise speaking English every day and you learn more about Scottish and British culture. Having natural conversation with a local person on a daily basis can help you to learn English faster.