Adults from all over the world come to us to learn English as quickly and easily as possible. Adult learners of English tend to learn in different ways and have different interests to young learners.

While young learners might assimilate some areas of a language more easily than adults, it is not true that learning a language as an adult is necessarily more difficult. When adults study in small groups with other adults, they are highly motivated to communicate with each other especially on topics of current affairs, work-related issues or intercultural matters.

ECS Scotland understands the needs and interests of adult learners and our English classes for adults are an effective way of improving English for whatever reason. If you need English for work, study, travel or just for fun, our English courses in Edinburgh are for you. The minimum age for students at ECS Scotland is 18. However, the majority of our students are professional adults aged 25 - 55 years. Mature adults feel comfortable in our school because there are no large groups of junior students. We know that adults like to learn English with other adults of a similar age.

For more information about our range of general English and specific English courses visit our course selector page here.