There are 6 doughnuts.

Examples of countable nouns:

  • I made lots of friends.
  • There is 3 parcels for you.
  • I have 1 dog and 2 cats.
  • Why do you have 100s of pens in your handbag?

Examples of uncountable nouns:

  • I have plenty of bread at home.
  • Do you have any money?
  • Where can I leave my luggage?
  • Where can I find lots of information?
  • Let me give you some advice.

If you are short of time "review in two" with the video.

Now try the quiz

Are the sentences correct or incorrect?

We have very few problems.


Would you like 7 chocolate?

Incorrect. Would you like some chocolate?

How many peoples have you sent the email to?

Incorrect. How many people have you sent the email to?

I need an information about the course.

Incorrect. I need some information about the course.

Can you give me some advices?

Incorrect. Can you give me some advice?