The children are at home. The children are in the living room but the girl is on the sofa and the boy is on the floor.

Examples with at:

  • They are at school.
  • Karl is at work.
  • I'm sitting at my desk.

Examples with on:

  • We are on the bus.
  • Lindsay is on her phone.
  • I'm sitting on a hard chair.

Examples with in:

  • Lindsay is in the bookshop again.
  • The socks are in your drawer.
  • The parcel is in the post.

Review the prepositions in 60 seconds with the video below.

Now test your knowledge with the quiz.

A: "Where are you?" B: "I'm _____ the bus."

The cheese is ____ the fridge.

A: "Where is Flora?" B: "She's ____ the shops getting the messages."