Which pumpkin is bigger?

Examples for comparatives with 1 syllable:

Add ~er + than

  • big -> bigger
  • small -> smaller
  • happy -> happier
  1. The elephant is bigger than the tiger.
  2. The pig is fatter than the rabbit.
  3. My brother is sillier than my sister.

Examples for comparatives with 2 syllables or more:

Add 'more' + than

  • more beautiful
  • more careful
  • more interesting
  1. The film is more interesting than the book.
  2. The rat is uglier than the mouse.
  3. Having a bath is more relaxing than a shower.

Examples for superlatives with 1 syllable:

Add the + est

  • long - longer - the longest
  • high - higher - the highest
  • thin - thinner - the thinnest
  1. Tim is the tallest boy in class.
  2. Everest is the highest mountain in the world.
  3. Chocolate is the nicest treat.

Examples for superlatives with more than 2 syllables:

  • amazing -more amazing - the most amazing
  • boring - more boring - the most boring
  • dangerous - more dangerous - the most dangerous
  1. This project is the most difficult project I have ever done.
  2. The holiday is the most exciting holiday I've ever had.
  3. This film is the most ridiculous film I've ever seen.

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Now test yourself.

What is the missing word?

Ice cream is _____ than jelly.


Off milk is the ______ thing in the morning when you want your coffee.


Which is the ________ away country you have visited?


Are lions ___________ than tigers?

more dangerous

Are kittens ________ than puppies?