Some people feel that social media is killing the art of conversation.

Many young people prefer to text their friends rather than talk to them face to face. How do you feel about picking up the phone and talking to someone? What is your favourite method of communication in your own language? Is it different in English?

Do you change your communication methods with different people?

Think about how you interact and communicate differently with these people in your own language:

  • Boss
  • Colleagues
  • Close family
  • Distant family
  • Partner / spouse
  • Children
  • Best friend / close friends
  • People you don't like but have to stay in contact with
  • Workmen / contractors
  • Neighbours
  • Acquaintances

Watch the video and answer the questions below.

With your friend or colleague discuss these points in English

  1. What are the ten main points raised by the speaker?

  2. Which of these points do you do already?

  3. Which are the most useful?

General English courses at ECS Scotland focus on speaking and listening

Our small group General English courses will help you to gain confidence when interacting and having a conversation in English. Teachers will use different methods and props to get you talking naturally.

Small groups focus on speaking skills. Listen to the others in your group and start communicating naturally.