"Hello, ECS Scotland, how can I help you?"

What to say on the phone.

Useful phrases for the telephone

  • - "Hello, this is ECS. Anna speaking, how can I help?"
  • - "I'm really sorry, they aren't available at the moment."
  • - "Can I take a message?"
  • - "I think you have the wrong number."
  • - "Who's calling, please?"
  • - " Please hold for just a minute. I have another call.'
  • - "Would you mind calling back in an hour? I'm in a meeting just now."
  • - "Thank you for calling ECS. Goodbye."

Practice the above phrases with a friend or colleague using a roleplay

Pretend you are:

- Answering the phone in your workplace

- Phoning a doctor's office to make an appointment

- Phoning a company to make a complaint

- Working as a receptionist in a hotel

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